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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Welsh Guards vs Panzer Lehr

I've been super busy so haven't been able to keep up on batreps. I apologise for my lack of maps lately. I am almost done with school though, so my nights should start freeing up allowing more time for elaborate reports.

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Anyhow, here's a very brief AAR of the game I played at Jon's last night.

He ran Welsh Guards Rifles from Hell's Highway. HQ, 2 Rifle Platoons, Carriers, Armored Recce Platoon (with the awesome new Challengar), 4 25 pounders, HMGs, and Typhoons.

I ran my just completed Panzer Lehr panzergrenadiers. I had the HQ, 2 full combat platoons, Armored AA, 3 panthers, 3 pumas, and nebelwerfers.

We rolled up for Breakthrough. I failed to get any overhead shots so I'm just gonna post all of the pictures after the fact.

I deployed everything except one panzergrenadier platoon on the board. My strategy was to play it really safe since I had so few models- and eventually knocked out his 2 rifle platoons (though one escaped due to sole survivor), his HMGs, and his AT guns with the forces that started on the board. When my reserves arrived, they took a boat load of MG dice, but their prolific amount of infantry AT assets halted an assault from the Armoured Recce and the Carrier patrols dead in its tracks. At that point Jon was left with naught but his artillery and we called the game.

It could've gone either way- Jon had some bad luck in an early assault (I also think we both underestimated the power of MG teams' defensive fire when unpinned). Though his airplanes knocked out 2 pumas and a panther, in defiance of my SPAA. Altogether it was a pretty good match up and as usual was probably a lot closer than 6-1 lets on.

I like the Panzer Lehr list. It's small but elite. I wasn't happy at all with the nebelwerfers, but I'm not sure what I can replace them with.

I have done this post using thumbnails instead of full size images. Comment and let me know what you guys prefer, will ya?

Anyhow, here's some pictures from the battle:

More after the Break

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