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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Check Your 6 game

Here is a very brief AAR from a game me and Dallas had the other night. We didn't expect quite so much carnage. I need to get back into the habit of writing detailed batreps, just been too busy/lazy lately.

The Mission: An American supply convoy is headed to a Garrison on Ahomana Island. The convoy consists of 3 transports and 1 escort destroyer. Limited air cover is provided by 4 F4F wildcats. A small Japanese raider group spots the ships and moves to intercept.

The Japanese force consists of 3 Kate torpedo bombers, 3 Val Dive bombers, and 2 Zeros piloted by experienced pilots.

In the end not a single plane escaped unscathed. The japanese lost 2 Kates, 1 Val, and 1 Zero, with every other plane severely damaged. the US made it home with only one Wildcat, who was also damaged. All 3 transports were sunk, but the escort Destroyer was unscathed.

Lots of pics after the break.

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