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Thursday, October 29, 2009

10/27/09 MW Panzerkompanie vs Armored Rifles

10/27/09 MW Panzerkompanie vs Armored Rifles
Hasty Attack

HQ (1x PzIII N, 1x PzIVF2)
1st Zug: 4x Pz III N
2nd Zug: 3x Pz III L
3rd Zug: 3x Pz IF F2
4th Zug: 5x Pz II F

3 Full Combat Platoons
Armored Mortars
4x Shermans
5x Stuarts

Me and Tom gave the new Hasty Attack mission a spin. I did not like it at all when we played it at Nationals, but I also played it under my worst conditions (I ran US Armored Rifles and had to attack a medium tank swarm across a board with very little terrain).

The Armored Rifles began the game with 2 AR platoons, and the Shermans. The Panzerkompanie started with the Panzer IIs and the Panzer IVs.

The rest of the battle unfolded with the Germans acting very cautiously. After the Shermans were knocked out in a duel with the Panzer IVs, the Panzers played it safe and encircled the armored rifles, blasting away with their main guns. The American Stuarts made a last minute push for the objective in the Attacker's zone, but it was too late.

In the end, the Panzer IIIs blazing away knocked out 2 Armored Rifles. The Panzer IVs knocked out the Shermans, and the Panzer IIs knocked out the 3rd AR platoon.

The Germans lost 2 Panzer II Fs, and 2 Panzer IVs.

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