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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bat rep!

Been a while! Me and Lydia moved into a new apartment, and are finally mostly settled in, though we are still waiting for our couch to arrive.

Tonight me and Tom had an East Front, LW battle. The reports follows after the break.

From now on this blog will only be for hobby-related stuff. Everything personal has moved here: It's goofy. Enjoy the batrep! It's a little bland, since the battle wound up being fairly one sided, but it was just nice to get a game in again.

MISSION: Free For All
2000 pts

15x KV-85s
Strelkovy blob

HQ: 2x Panthers
3x Panthers
4x Panzer IV Hs
Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon
1x King Tiger

This was a fairly straightforward battle, and the photographs should speak for themselves. The King Tiger and 2iC Panther held the left flank, while the remaining Panthers and gepanzerte panzergrenadiers held the right flank. The Russians made a valiant push on the right flank, but ultimately the KV-85s just weren't heavy enough to handle the Panthers.

In the end, the Russians suffered extreme losses. Their Strelkovy made a last ditch assault that was repulsed by small arms fire, combined with the MGs on the German tanks.

Table Layout

The German right flank

The Bolsheviks prepare to attack

King Tiger

Panzer IVHs


**********INITIAL DEPLOYMENT**********

Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers

Panthers in a wheat field

The King Tiger dominates the bridge

The KV-85s crash through the forest

More KV-85s

The Strelkovy approach the wheat field.

**********END OF TURN ONE**********

The Panzer IV Hs stalk through the wheat fields

The German company commander preps the troops for the Russian onslaught

The KVs boldly move before the King Tiger.

Strelkovy move through the wheatfields

**********END OF TURN TWO**********

The Panzers spray the strelkovy with MG fire


The KVs begin taking massive casualties



The King Tiger and 2iC Panther hold the left flank

The KVs make a bold move, and flank the panthers

The Russian assault surges forward

**********END OF TURN THREE**********

The right flank becomes embroiled

Tigers, Panthers, and Panzers

The KVs suffer more losses

The KVs rush the Panthers, but can't hit the broad side of a barn

**********END OF TURN FOUR**********

The Strelkovy surge forth

The Beginning of the End

The Panzer IVs make a rush for the objective

The Strelkovy charge!

A field of burning tanks

The final failed charge

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