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Monday, July 20, 2009

Huge painting update!

Well, I didn't make it to Historicon after all :(

My car overheated on 495 in Bethesda MD. I didn't think it was anything too major, but it wasn't cooling off and I realized the fan wasn't running. So I spent the night in DC and was not happy to find out that the radiator fan burnt up. Of course the mechanics knew I was in a bind and took me for all they could- $600. Lesson learned- cheaper to rent.

Anyhow, I have a HUGE painting update after the break.

Thought I'd try something new, and crop the pictures a little better so they aren't so mind numbingly huge. Trying to get the hang of Lydia's camera. The desert pictures were very difficult to get balanced since the background matched the figures.

Gepanzertepanzergrenadiers halftracks

Barkmann's Workshop

8th Army HMGs and Carriers:


Pair of King Tigers

US Objective: Latrine Line


Sd kfz 10/5 armored AA

Captured T-34/85

Panzer II Luchs

A scene from a bocage fight between me and Tom:

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