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Monday, July 13, 2009

Historicon 2009

Sadly the epic El Alamein game never happened. But now it's time to gear up for Historicon!

On Friday night I am in the 3 round late war singles tournament. I am running German Pioneers.

HQ with panzerfausts, add 2 HMGs, add 2 81mm Mortars
3 Full combat platoons with panzerfaust upgrades
3 Panzerwerfers with extra crew
4 Panzer IV H
4 Brummbars

It's a pretty solid list, although I push them hard and thus usually lose at least one platoon.

On Saturday my dad and I are in the 3 round mid war doubles tourney. We're running British Light Armour and British Motor Infantry. Tally Ho!

I'll take some pics on my phone and write up short and sweet batreps.

In other news, Lydia got a gun yesterday at the gun show. We now have a 2:1 gun:people ratio, which I believe officially makes us redneck gun nuts.

Before anyone points out "bad trigger discipline!!!!11ONE" that was on purpose- there was a very ugly white zip-tie band around the trigger that she wanted to hide. It took away from the cuteness :)

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