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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Luftwaffe Field Company attacking FEC Goums in No Retreat

My Luftwaffe Field Company just barely managed to eke out a victory against Tom's FEC Goums. Being Reluctant Trained really really sucks. In fact, it was the tank support in the form of 4 PzIVs and 1 captured Sherman that essentially won the battle for me. The Luftwaffe platoons mostly just stayed pinned under artillery and aircraft attack.

Battle report and lots of pictures after the break!

Tom's FEC Goums (Fearless Trained):
HQ w/ lmgs, and zooks
3x goum platoons
Goum pioneers
Goum HMGs
Goum Cav Recon
57mm AT Gun Platoon
American Engineers (Confident Veteran)
American 105s (Confident Veteran)
Air Observation Post
Priority P-47s

Steven's Luftwaffe Field Company (Reluctant Trained)
HQ w/ knackers, shreck, and 2 snipers (that never got used)

Luftwaffe Jager Platoon
Luftwaffe Jager Platoon
Luftwaffe Jager Platoon

HMG Platoon
Luftwaffe Pioneer Platoon
2x PaK 40
4x Panzer IV H (CV)
Add one Sherman tank
Panzerwerfers (CV)
Artillery (CV)

I started writing up a battle report, but just didn't feel like taking notes. The battle was great fun, but I just wasn't excited about taking detailed notes.

My Luftwaffe company made their main thrust up the left flank (by the River Ford). This thrust was comprised of HMGs, 2 Jager platoons, and the pioneers. The tanks initially made a run for the right-most bridge, while another jager platoon pushed up the very right flank. Panzerwerfers and 105 artillery support was back field.

Tom deployed 1 Goum platoon with all of the HQ attachments across much of the front, with Pioneers in the woods to the German left ready to counter attack. He intermixed the HMGs to help with defensive fire, and kept his 105s backfield with the AOP ready to have free reign of the board.

Initial Deployment

And so, since I didn't take detailed notes or take enough pictures to make maps, suffice it to say the thrust on the left flank was initially moderately succesful but was very slow to advance due to being unable to unpin (surprise surprise). The tanks, however, danced around the front and eventually took the closest objective, managing to fight off a Goum platoon making a last attempt at contesting.

In all, 2 Luftwaffe platoons and the pioneers were destroyed. Tom lost his HMGs, pioneers, and 1 Goum platoon.

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