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Sunday, March 1, 2009

House Conclusion & Battle Hymn

Battle Hymn was a ton of fun. Sorry to everyone that I was a bit distracted and didn't stay much after 2:00. We had a roller coaster ride on Saturday-

Lydia and I put an offer on a house on Friday that was fairly aggressive. We were in love with the house though. Come Saturday around 10:00 during the first game of El Alamein (or, rather, generic ahistorical desert location :P ) our agent called us and said FOUR offers were put on the house in the same day! And unless we modified our offer, we'd likely lose it. Being stubborn, I resigned myself to losing the house and we chose not to up our offer.

That paid off though, as we got a call later that evening and somehow OURS was the best offer! We went at 8:30 this morning to sign all the paper work! It's still contingent on their bank approving it, but it sounds like that is fairly likely- they'd rather have it dealt with than let it go into foreclosure.

As for Battle Hymn, it was a blast to push some lead around with some new gamers. It was great to meet Joe, and I was so flustered with the house thing it took me a few minutes to realize he was JMezz. I forgot how much fun you can have with just tanks in FOW- it's an entirely different game. It moves quickly, and is easy to catch on.

Joe caught on quickly, I think he'll become a great player and opponent. Despite our cunning tactics, he and I drove the British to their death in two different battles. After that Tom and I switched place, and this time Tom lost as the British!

British medium armor just seems to be ill-matched against comparable German armor, even though the points were balanced.

Following are some excellent pictures Joe took. (Joe, hope you don't mind I deboed!)

You can find his blog here: JMezz's blog

more after the break.

Crusaders cautiously advance up a road.

Grants prepare to saturate the area with fire from a perch atop a rocky hill.

The Germans open fire.

British right flank.


The Grants did far more than any other type of british tank this battle.

The Grants provide covering fire.

The Grants get into a desperate knife fight.

Lots of letters home were written this day.

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