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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FOW: Hypothetical Mid War Hit The Beach

Can Tom's Panzergrenadiers halt the Allied Amphibious invasion of Sicily? Find out in this action packed mod of the Hit the Beach Scenario!
The beach mat I bought from a company called Hotzmats. I got 2 of them 2' x 4' So I can set up an 8x6 board for larger beach landings.
The landing craft are made by Scott Washburn. I was too lazy to put together the other kind, but I bought the LCVPs, the LCAs, and the LCMs.

Okay here's a brief report to flesh out the pictures:

3x Full Strength Combat Platoons
Weapons Platoon
Mortar Platoon
SPAA (1 section)
3x M4 Shermans
Combat Engineers (full strength with supply truck)
Naval Gunfire Support (P-38 Lightning spotting)

3x Full Strength Combat Platoons
Heavy Platoon (Kamfgrupped out 2 HMGs, attached 2 more HMGs, essentially making a mortar platoon)
Armored Car Patrol

8.8Cm Bunker
2x HMG Bunkers
2x Gun Pits
2x AT Obstacles

The first objective was placed in the center backfield in an olive grove, the 2nd objective was placed on the right side of the board, on the north east corner of the ridge.

Far Objective

Near Objective

The Germans started the game with 2 panzergrenadier platoons on board (one covering each objective), and the kamfgrupped HMGs which were deployed in the gun pits.


The preliminary bombardment barely scratched the panzergrenadiers, but managed to wipe out both of the HMGs covering the beach, removing much of the delaying factor. Unfortunately, due to stormy seas and high winds, the US only managed to land 2 rifle platoons.

The dogfaces hit the beach.

A P-38 spots for naval gunfire support, which did very little for the 3/4 of the battle.

The first 2 turns progressed smoothly for the US. Rifle fire was mostly able to keep the bunkers pinned, but the landing craft were having a very difficult time landing and getting back out to sea. Consequently, only riflemen were on the beach, waiting for their support. Fire coming from the bunkers was very light, however, so the riflemen were poised to knock out the HMG bunkers by turn 3.

The right most bunker is contacted and taken out on turn 3.

The bunker on the left was just outside of assault range, but the men were prepared to take it with little resistance.

Turn 4 began in earnest, with the leftmost bunker being knocked out as Engineers landed on the right side of the beach, ready to knock out the dragon's teeth and clear the road to get heavy equipment to the backfield.
The weapons platoon also landed in the center of the beach and got their mortars set up to drop fire in the hinterland. Meanwhile the center rifle platoon lead by the Company Commander assault and eliminate the 8.8 bunker.

Beginning of turn 4.

Engineers hit the beach.

All bunkers are removed, and the way to the objectives is clear.

On turn 5, the engineers continue to work on the dragon's teeth. The mortar platoon hit the beach, but the Shermans were still stuck at sea. The rifle platoon on the far right is chewed up by defensive fire and quit the field. The rifle platoon in the center assault and capture the forward-most objective, while the platoon on the left advances in the face of withering fire, making for an olive grove to lick their wounds.

The middle platoon captures the first objective.

The engineers work on the tank obstacles.

The left most platoon is shot to hell by a well placed HMG.

Turn 5

On Turn 6 the Shermans and the SPAA both hit the beach, just as the Engineers clear the dragon's teeth. The right platoon consolidates and hangs on to the first objective, while the CiC makes a B-line to the faltering left platoon to keep them in the fight. The Germans get their mortar platoon and set them up in the backfield.

Shermans hit the beach.

SPAA takes position behind the engineers

Rifle Platoon holds the objective

For the next few turns, the US continue to advance and plan to converge on the last objective. The last German Panzergrenadier platoon arrives from reserve, and races forward in their trucks to close the distance to the last objective. Of course, the NGFS fails to be useful and hit the concentration of transports. The Shermans take a few turns getting off the difficult beach, and the SPAA never makes it off, unfortunately. The Engineers get caught bunched up in the open and pay for it with a punishing mortar barrage, but hang in there.

Reserves arrive

The Shermans continue up the beach

The way is clear

The shermans finally link up with the main infantry push and prepare to take the objective as time runs thin.

The Engineers foolishly bunch up.

On turn 10 the Germans manage to get the last of their reserves. The Shermans and left most rifle platoon attack the dug in Defenders, and manage to run one of the panzergrenadier platoons, but the US rifle platoon is reduced to just their command stand who falls back with haste.

Armored Cars arrive

Shermans take the hill

Turn 11 sees the right most rifle platoon assault the objective, but fail to clear it. They are entirely killed or captured, leaving only the command stand and 1 MG stand holding the objective. Miraculously the Germans do not retreat, leaving the objective contested. The only US units in range to assault are the Shermans, who must assault into an olive grove to capture the objective and eke out a victory. Fortunately, the brave Company Commander is in for the fight also, and prepares to charge in alongside the tanks. In the only spectacular display of NGFS in the entire battle, the approaching armored cars are entirely eliminated in one barrage.

The Shermans get into position


Turn 12, the last chance to capture the objective, goes off without a hitch. The 3 shermans and the company commander charge the German defenders. One sherman bogs, but the defenders are fully routed and the objective is captured.

The captors.

The Beach

The Hinterland

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