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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Home from the Sicily game

Ron did an awesome job running that tournament, and I had a blast. Rangers are fun to play, and both of my opponents were awesome. Game one saw my Rangers attacking a hill and monastary (Which I mistakenly assumed was Monte Cassino- which isn't in Sicily at all- I'm an idiot) in Hold the Line vs Ken Berry's Fallschirmjaeger (german paratroopers). The combination of heavy terrain and Ranger's ability to double move through it saw me on the objective pretty quickly, and Ken just didn't have enough stuff to throw back at me.

Game two was against Gray Collins, who I plan to make an effort to play with more often, and was a brutal grind. My rangers squared off against his Italin Fucilieri across a 95% open board in Free For All. Neither of us ever really had a shot at capturing objectives, but Gray manned up and went for it anyway. By the time I repulsed his attack, I didn't have enough to go charging across the field and threaten his. I won the battle by virtue of killing more stuff (per Ron's scenario rules), but the battle was truly a draw. Gray was a pleasure to play against, and I think we had a pretty great battle.

Ken wound up winning best Axis General, and his son Joseph wound up winning Best Allied. Thanks to my tenacious Rangers I won the Infantry Assault Badge (Ron actually gave me a cool pin with a rifle on it as well as a certificate and a Pip Roberts blister- which just might motivate me to finish my British Grants) Overall the Allies won the day.

Thanks to my opponents, all the friendly faces, and especially Ron for a very enjoyable day of gaming.

And now- me and Lydia's Cylon Cake detail and comparison:

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